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It's a Wrap

Join us for our weekly vlog about what goes on at the Service Dog Project each week. 


It's A Wrap: Repairing and renovating the barn

Lynn relocated the office from the house to the laundry room. Repairs on the chicken coop have been taking place over the week. Service Dog Project asked Animal Control for advice on the kennels before beginning renovations.


It’s A Wrap: Topsfield Fair

This week, the Service Dog Project held the Topsfield Fair, which had trainers practicing with different dogs. A new backdoor has been installed in the laundry building, a kind donation from the board members. This has been a busy week, with many new dogs onboarding the project.


It’s A Wrap: Sale at Wolf Hill

On Saturday, Service Dog Project attended a fundraising event held by a plant nursery that sells whimsical items over at Wolf Hill. Wolf Hill donated the proceeds from the event’s sales to the Service Dog Project - a much appreciated donation that will be used to care for our dogs. The Dog Fest also took off this week! On Thursday night, over 100 guests attended the Giggles Fundraiser, a three-person comedy show, fundraising event for Service Dog Project. A very generous donor also approached us to purchase all the remaining Chicken Bricks, which are now sold out for the week


It’s A Wrap: Legion Riders Fundraiser and Preparing the Dog Fest

This week, the Service Dog Project held the Legion Riders Fundraiser, an event organized by the Legion Riders, a motorcycle group out of Woburn Massachusetts. Other community members in town also participated, bringing our guest list of around 150-175 people altogether. John trained over at Mourinho farm while the other members of the Service Dog Project were at Woburn. SDP also worked hard on preparing for the Dog Fest.


It’s A Wrap: A Speech About Service Dog Project to an Elementary School

Lynn met up with one of our service dog recipients who was having an issue with their dog becoming anxious among crowds at the market. Bianca, Lynn’s Great Dane, accompanied her as a lead dog to sort the problem out. Lynn also visited Elena, another SDP recipient, on her first day of Sixth Grade to talk about the organization and how Melvin, the Great Dane, helps Elena with her day-to-day life. Back on the farm, the dogs got their Ivermectin dose on Thursday as part of the Service Dog Project’s parasite preventative program.


It’s A Wrap: Potential Applicants and Donations

Lynn met up with two possible applicants who visited the farm for a quick tour. The Service Dog Project also attended the Andover farmers market and set up a booth to sell SDP promotional items and encourage donations. On Sunday, many people visited the farm to walk their dogs. In preparation for Dog Fest in September, Lynn is asking for spare sticks, which are expected to be in high demand once the festival kicks off!


It’s A Wrap: Preparing Dog Fest and Volunteering

The Service Dog Project had a couple of volunteers come in on Sunday as part of SDP’s Funday to walk almost all the dogs on the farm. Sunday Funday is a pilot program happening every Sunday until September 4th. In the meantime, Lynn is working on preparing for the Dog Fest.


It’s A Wrap: Chicken Shedding and Parasite Preventative Program Took Place

Service Dog Project’s Chicken Shatting sold out last Sunday. SDP had Advantix day this week, which is part of our parasite preventative program. The farm also received a visit from The Top of The Hill Gang, a group of 50+ aged people who enjoy skiing and kayaking, as part of their monthly mystery event. The farm is kicking off a pilot program in search for dog walkers who will expose the dogs to more human socialization. Some fundraisers are coming up - one of them being a barbeque fundraising held later this week. Another fundraiser named Silent Auction is coming up too.


It’s A Wrap: A Match with Shawna and Caico

The Service Dog Project had a match with Shawna and Caico. Registration for the Dog Fest is open.


It’s A Wrap: A Match with Duchess and Updates on Social Media

The Service Dog Project has matched Duchess with a needing recipient! Dutchess had previously gone out as a pet, but she will now work full-time as a service dog. Brenda and Percy also met a match. On the Service Dog Project’s Facebook page, there is a video of Caico doing an overnight with Des.


It’s A Wrap: Trainer Talk at The Service Dog Project

The Service Dog Project held a Trainer Talk episode this week. The North Andover Farmers Market is happening, where we sell some of our merchandise to raise funds. A board meeting was also held this week.


It’s A Wrap: A Tour of the farm for kids that are homeschooled

The Service Dog Project held a tour of the farm this week for a group of homeschooled children.


It’s A Wrap: Staff Dinner

The Service Dog Project enjoyed a staff dinner this Wednesday!


It’s A Wrap: Preparing for Dog Surgery and 20 more volunteers.  Happy Fathers Day!

One of our dogs has been a naughty boy and ate some things he shouldn’t! SDP made sure he was taken care of by expert veterinarians, who conducted an X-ray and are prepared our poor boy for surgery. A cooperative group from the valley visited the farm on Thursday and will begin volunteering on a weekly basis. On Friday, health volunteers from Trucks watched the dogs and painted some areas of the farm. Lynn sends out a happy Father’s Day!


It’s A Wrap: Back on Live again! Happy Memorial Day!

The Service Dog Project is working hard on getting the cameras back on Explore. We’ve had two new recipient matches with Proxy and Steve. The Service Dog Project gave Ivermectin to all of the dogs, which is part of our parasite preventative program. We have also had our June recipients meet over Zoom, where we introduced them to SDP’s board members. The project’s summer theme promo items have almost all arrived. Lynn sends out a happy Memorial Day!


It’s A Wrap: Zoom Meetings about dogs

The Service Dog Project held a trainers’ zoom meeting to talk about the arrival of some newcoming dogs. We’ve also had a staff meeting to promote Des to barn manager. The main house on the farm has been cleaned out.


It’s A Wrap: How Our Dogs De-stress Students for Finals.  Happy Mother’s Day!

The guest house is being renovated. The trainers from the Service Dog Project had their monthly visit to the senior center, where the dogs had the chance to hang out with the seniors. The trainers also went to a nearby college to help students de-stress in preparation for their finals. Lynn sends out a happy Mother’s Day!


It’s A Wrap: The Service Dog Project’s Chicken Shatting Activity

The Service Dog Project’s Chicken Shatting took place this week and volunteers were helping clean off the board. Some students from North East Arc came in for a tour of the farm. Some students from the school will be coming to the farm to take a look at the dogs. A fundraiser happened at Pub49 in Danvers. Ebsco was doing the Stand By Me program, where they took the dogs over to Salem State University to de-stress students during Finals Week.


It’s A Wrap: Working In The Puppy Room With Volunteers

The Service Dog Project has been working in the puppy room with the Christmas litter practicing their names and learning to be gentle through spoon feeding. Some volunteers, Darcy and Charlie, did a fantastic job on Monday and Friday. A Dog Fest meeting with the board and Carlene also took place, and we are planning to have some exciting changes to this year’s Dog Fest!


It’s A Wrap: Senior Center

The trainers and dogs from the Service Dog Project went to the senior center to hang out with senior citizens.


It’s A Wrap: Fundraiser at Kelly’s Roast Beef

A fundraiser for the Service Dog Project took place at Kelly’s Roast Beef in Danvers. Chris and Rambo were at the showcase of Meet The Dog. New volunteers came this Sunday to check out the place. The Service Dog Project had a photo shoot for an upcoming fundraiser with Lockheed and Sizzle, one of the local establishments around the farm. A new survey was sent out on Facebook and Explore regarding Dog Fest.


It’s A Wrap: Senior Center

The trainers and their dogs from the Service Dog Project hung out with senior citizens in the senior center.


It’s A Wrap: Service at the Senior Center

Carlene and Judy brought some house dogs and went to the senior center in Beverly. The Service Dog Project has hired two overnighters to train with Heather starting this Sunday night. Lynn met with one of the board members on Friday to increase local fundraising, so expect more events coming up!


It’s A Wrap: Donation from Wahlburgers!

The Service Dog Project had the Wahlburgers fundraiser and received a very nice donation. Meet The Dog also took place on the farm. The trainers went to the senior center for an hour with a couple of dogs. SDP has created a new Facebook page after the other one was hacked and deleted. The address of our Facebook page is posted on Explore.


It’s A Wrap: Facebook Page Crisis!

Wraps of dogs’ condition on the farm. Lynn and Carlene found some great photographs and scanned them to post on the Explore feature. The Service Dog Project Facebook page has been hacked and deleted. Therefore, we were working on how to get our foot back on. We are having a fundraiser at Wahlburgers on Monday night.


It’s A Wrap Planning for Fundraiser at the Wahlburgers.  Happy Valentine's Day!

The Service Dog Project had Advantix day on Thursday as part of our parasite preventative program. We are holding a fundraiser at the Wahlburgers on Feb. 28 between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. We will also be selling SDP merchandise to help with fundraising that night. Lynn had a Zoom call with some students answering their questions about the work at SDP and how SDP is helping the community through trained dog donations. Lynn sends out a Happy Valentine’s Day!


It’s A Wrap: Meeting With Trainers

Lynn had a meeting with the trainers to talk about some of the dogs and upcoming events. All the dogs got their dose of Ivermectin as part of the Service Dog Project’s parasite preventative program. On Sunday, we held Chicken Poop bingo.


It’s A Wrap: Donation from Home Depot!

Home Depot is going to donate some carpet floors to the Service Dog Project. Next week, as soon as the carpets arrive, we will start replacing all the old carpets with their new ones. We will ask Jeff, our firefighter volunteer, to come occasionally to help us as we are short-staffed. Jeff is a tremendous member of the community and we are thankful for his support! We also took some of our dogs to the senior center this week as usual.


It’s A Wrap: Repairing a Broken Computer

Service Dog Project matched Kirby and John! We had a visit from our friend, the exterminator, to check all the pest traps and fix them. One of Linda’s work computers crashed and we fear we have lost all its stored data. SDP went to Beverly, Mass. to the Elks’ lodge. We were visited by an interesting gentleman named David St. John and his friend, who used to be on WBCN and is now a DJ at WUMB. He was very kind in donating the money he raised in his organization to SDP! We appreciate your support greatly!


It’s A Wrap: Getting Parasite Prevention and Helping at the Senior Center

We had all the dogs get their dose of Advantix as part of the Service Dog Project’s parasite preventative program, and they all got dewormed. Lynn and Carlene went to the senior center with a couple of SDP’s dogs. Lynn met with some school kids from Essex Aggie who are looking for a position at SDP and will start volunteering soon. We also had some new volunteers visit, including some children looking for community service hours.


It’s A Wrap: How are our Dogs and Interesting Stories on the Farm

This week is a wrap up of our dogs, including interesting stories about what happened on the farm.


It’s A Wrap: Carlene’s story on Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve, Carlene told a story with a little twist at the end.


It’s A Wrap: Set Rat Traps and Preparing Birth of the Pups

We made a service dog match with Scott and Frank! Fox pest control came this week to help us set rat traps. We are temporarily moving the camera from the sun room over to the ice house to capture the birthing of a new litter!


It’s A Wrap: Trip to the Boston Veterinary Clinic

All of our dogs got their Advantix as part of the Service Dog parasite preventative program. This Sunday, we went to the Boston Veterinary Clinic to take photos with Santa, where around 150 people took pictures with our dogs. It was a charity, a match donation, and a lot of fun!


It’s A Wrap: Trainer’s Meeting this Monday

We held a trainer’s meeting this Monday. All our dogs got their Ivermectin as part of the Service Dog Project parasite preventative program. This Sunday we did our Chicken Poop bingo. One of our horses got out of his stable this Wednesday and made his escape down through Cartridge Berry and onto the road, but we were able to get him back.


It’s A Wrap: Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank You to the Wonderful Members of Our Community

We held an overnight staff meeting where Lynn worked one-on-one with our overnighters to train them on handling the house dogs and puppies. We also held a small event with our dogs on Saturday over at Wolf Hill Gardens in Ipswich where we conducted some raffles. We had cell signaling at the barn with the help of 10 to 12 volunteers who put up a 6 ft fence in between puppy hill and flat fields. Lynn sends a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


It's A Wrap: Visiting Endicott College

We went to the dorm areas of Endicott College with our dogs to provide therapy to stressed College Students! It was a good training experience and an opportunity for the dogs to become comfortable with crowds. We also had our first event fundraiser meeting. Some students from Cambridge College called Lynn asking for an interview about the Service Dog Project.


It's A Wrap: Parasite Prevention and Rabies

All of our dogs got their Advantix as part of the Service Dog parasite preventative program. Some of our dogs also got their updated rabies shots.


It's A Wrap: Chicken Poop Bingo Sundays

We had our Ivermectin Day as part of the Service Dog parasite preventative program. This Sunday we did our Chicken Poop bingo.


It's A Wrap: Thank You for the Ornaments and Doggie Christmas Toys!

It’s been a slow week. One of our dogs, Capri, is breeding and her litter should be due at the end of December. Thank you for sending us ornaments for the tree and Christmas toys for the dogs.


It's A Wrap: Clean Farm, Healthy Dogs

We went to the vet office to get the Cardiograms done on the four breed dogs over in Lawrence. The results were pretty good. We’ve been fixing, fencing, and doing a lot of fall clean up in preparation for winter.


It's A Wrap: Christmas Tree and Doggie Gifts

We are planning on setting up a Christmas tree and would appreciate ornament and doggie toy donations!


It's A Wrap: Topsfield Fair and Connor Farm

We attended the Topsfield fair, which is over on the other side of town. Most of our dogs attended and they met thousands of people. We also held an event over at Connor Farm. Our camera person, Dan, came down on Wednesday and cooked lunch for all of us. A new portable dishwasher was installed at our guest house.


It's A Wrap: Haley is Back.  A Visit to Endicott College

Exciting news: our trainer Haley is back from vacation! We were visited by a school group volunteers that comes twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. We started the OFA screening of our breed dogs. Lynn and Haley went to the Endicott College to provide students with dog therapy.

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