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About Us

Service Dog Project Inc. is a remarkable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that deserves your attention. Situated on 12 sprawling acres of land, the project boasts extensive fields where the dogs can play and a large arena where they're trained. The kennels are climate-controlled with each kennel having an in/out door. What's even more impressive is that all puppies live at the center, ensuring that they receive the best care possible.

With over 30 volunteers, the Service Dog Project has grown in both size and reputation. At any given time, the center can be home to up to 30 dogs in training. It's no surprise, then, that the organization is funded by individuals, businesses, and an expansive community of individuals, known as the Camera People. 

Your contribution to the Service Dog Project will go a long way in supporting the care and training of their dogs. Please join us in supporting this noble cause, which has helped countless people with disabilities lead better lives.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Service Dog Project is a non-profit, charity organization committed to breeding, training, and donating certified service dogs to people who experience difficulty with their balance or mobility. Our mission is to create a partnership that enhances a recipient’s quality of life as they attain greater independence. In creating the partnership between Great Dane and  recipient, SDP is dedicated to the values of respect, integrity, inclusion, compassion,  collaboration, equality, and courage. These principles endure within the organization and in its  insistence on the value of diversity, in its strive to provide excellence to those in need, and in its  dynamic engagement with the community.

Our Great Danes are cared for equally, with the utmost compassion and respect. The Service Dog Project stands by positive reinforcement training methods to ensure our dogs demonstrate gentility and dedication while supporting their partner. This training method incorporates rewards such as praise and treats to encourage wanted behavior through repetition, rather than introducing fear or discomfort. Upon demonstrating excellence, our dogs are carefully matched to a recipient based on their physical characteristics and personality, which ensures a constructive partnership that upholds SDP’s values. 

Our second mission is to serve as an ally to those with mobility and balance challenges.  At SDP we believe our dogs are just one tool to achieving a more accessible world for those  living with disabilities. Accessibility for all is at the core of our messaging and in our daily  practices. We seek to be a champion for the criticality of American Disabilities Act guidelines  and use our position in the community to communicate appropriate interactions and  considerations when encountering a Service Dog and their recipient. SDP offers accessible  community service and volunteer opportunities for people of all ages (children of 14 and younger  must be accompanied by a parent or guardian) and abilities including working closely with  volunteers requiring accommodations to ensure they have meaningful participation at the Service  Dog Project, Inc. The Service Dog Project seeks to spread compassion and collaboration in the community by delivering value through our interactive awareness events including trainer led  dog visits to schools, senior centers, patient driven events and local community events.


Changing Lives

Service Dog Project Inc. (SDP) is a non-profit organization that has generously donated more than 200 service dogs to individuals who suffer from balance and mobility issues. These highly trained Great Dane service dogs are dedicated to helping their partners achieve greater independence and improve their overall quality of life. Once paired with an applicant, the service dogs continue to adapt to the specific needs of their partner with ongoing training and support from SDP. We are proud to enrich the lives of our clients with the help of these amazing service dogs.

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