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Meet the Danes

Learn more about the happy pups currently residing at Service Dog Project

Alexis, nicknamed Lexi or Alexis by Haley, is from the Schitt’s Creek Litter. Her parents are Paula and Watson. She looks very similar to her mother Paula – they have the same face and they both like belly rubs. She is 117 pounds and quite muscular and eats six cups every day. Her training strengths are pace, backup, and walking brace, and her weaknesses include focus and jealousy of attention other dogs receive. She also has trouble with downstays because she prefers people to get down with her and accompany her. She is friendly with other dogs on the estate, especially Sloan. She and Sloan spent a lot of time together and they were like the Grey’s Anatomy power couple according to Haley. She is less feisty compared to Moira but they both do fence fighting with other girls. Alexis is less of a breeder than Moira but she will make an excellent service dog.



Sloan is a younger Dane born to Sandy’s Angel’s litter. His mother is Reese, and his father is Watson. Sloan is a mantle Dane meaning he is black and white with a solid black blanket over his body. Currently, Sloan weighs roughly 115lbs. Sloan displays significant success in training, especially with his pace, down-stay, and one-step. Sloan has a solid appetite eating 3 times per day, 2 and a half cups for breakfast and dinner and 2 cups for dinner. Sloan has a slender but lean build and is rather shy amongst other dogs, he enjoys cuddling and has been affectionately described as a “gracious eater.”

Meet Sloan: The well-trained,“gracious eater”


Meet Army: the Black Ear, a Young and Beautiful Smartie Brat with an Attitude 


Army is another puppy of the Christmas litter. She gets a cup and a half of puppy food, three times a day. So far she has been good with learning her name in the training, but her weakness is also her recall. She has black ears, which tells her apart from her siblings. Like a lot of puppies in the litter, Army can be a little too smart for her own good. She goes out every other day for training. Chris’s three-word description of Army would be smart, beautiful, and brat since she has got a real attitude problem. Unlike Jack, Army is slightly afraid of the bigger dogs and always tries to steer away from them.



The Cookie Stealing Pup of the Christmas Litter

Bessie is the outgoing pup from the Christmas litter. She is still early in her training but shows great performance with recall as well as getting into the car. However, she is still a little nervous outside, but as she gets older she will improve.  She is referred to as a “cookie thief'' as she likes to eat cookies. She gets attention by jumping up and down. One way to differentiate her is that she got a little white spot on her back and a little thin strip across her head.


Meet Bridget: A German Girl with a Happy Tail No Longer


Bridget and her sister Chloe are from Germany. They are both big cuddlers. She has an all-black left back leg that helps tell her apart from her sister Chloe. Bridget eats twice a day, three cups each, and does not struggle to eat. She had her tail docked because she had a bad case of the “happy tail” that led to her tail getting stuck in a door. As for relationships, Bridget gets along well with everyone. She also likes to make funny faces.


Meet Chloe: aka Eyebrows, the Taurus German sister of Bridget and a Big Cuddler that Behaves Extremely Well

Chloe was born on April 30th, 2021.  Her training strengths include pace, brace, and falls, but she still needs to work on her nervousness around people and traffic. She and her sister Bridget came from Germany around June or July. She loves cuddling like her sister, and they are both a lot darker than other merles. Chris gave her nicknames like “Khloe Ryder” and “eyebrows” because she has black dots on her face that look like eyebrows. Chloe is the only dog so far that stays right beside Chris the whole time without wandering around.


Meet Crusher: The “ Chomper” Pup of the Tribbles Litter


Crusher is a male in the Tribbles litter. He is good at his pace and one steel, and his recall is fantastic. He still needs more practice unloading the car and is a little nervous with traffic. He is a very picky eater, but his nickname is “ Chomper” because he eats treats very fast. One way to identify him is by the little tip of the white on his tail. He is cuddly and friendly.



Meet Davis: The outgoing Dane who loves to eat and is highly successful in training

Davis is an outgoing pup in the Christmas Litter. His parents are Sir Richard and Capri. He is very outgoing and loves to eat. He becomes highly motivated when he is eating. Davis is highly successful in training, however, he could use some improvement with recall and focus. One way to distinguish him from others in the litter is that he has big, dangling ears.


Meet Deanna: The Merle Sweetheart, a Slender Pisces Belle that Likes Birds but is Scared of Stairs


Deanna of the Tribbles litter is a possible Pisces or Aries. Her dad is Sir Richard. She looks more like her mother, Bianca, than most siblings. She is a merle, which means she has gray and black spots all over her body. Deanna has a large black spot on the left side of her face, partially covering her ears. She also has little white spots on the back of her neck and white socks on her paws.  Deanna eats three meals a day and, she recently increased her diet to three cups for breakfast and dinner, and a cup and a half for lunch. Deanna likes staring at birds in the arena, but she might be scared of getting down the stairs. She can quickly warm up to a new environment and is an absolute sweetheart. She is very good with recalls but has difficulty getting along with her siblings.  



Meet Emma:  aka The Eternity or Emma II, An Anxiety Fighter and Taurus Epicure from the Czech Republic Who Craves Attention

Emma is a breeder. She eats three times a day, two cups each. She was on the Purina diet, got cut off, and started to regain interest when she saw other dogs eating. Emma likes to follow people around at home like shadows. Chris says she sometimes waits at weird places for people to get out of the bathroom. She has been struggling with anxiety. Emma has trouble getting along with Chloe — they used to fight for food while waiting. Emma is friends with Fred, Sloan, Neville, Bianca, and Deanna. She held a big sister relationship with Deanna. She likes Deanna but also wants nothing to do with her sometimes. Emma used to steal Deanna’s toys, and when she left, Emma was glad and slept the entire day. Before they went off as service dogs, she also hung out with two of her best friends, Keiko and Rambo. Emma was sad but also proud of them. Emma’s sister Evie and she have the same quirks and hang-ups. Emma likes to stay outside and is terrified of being inside. Both of them become cuddle bugs after getting familiar with and are finicky about their food, so getting them to eat breakfast could be challenging. Emma likes playing with her comfort toy — a squeaky pizza ball and chasing after it. She is not planning on breeding until the spring or summer of 2023. Emma is scared of going up the stairs like Deanna. She might relate to Sir Richard because she looks like him.


Meet Fred:  the Friendly Social Butterfly of the Service Dog Project that Loves to Get Kisses and Eat 


Fred is a part of the Angel’s litter, born in April. His parents are Reese and Watson.  His training strengths include his brace, pace, and recall. But, he is a bit nosy and does not understand falls but treats them like a game. He is the barn’s social butterfly and has been to most of the service dog project events. Fred was the first dog Chris ever took in for overnight, and he peed right on the floor as soon as he got inside the house. Fred is a very food-motivated dog. Fred has freckles that grew out on his neck over time like Sandy’s.



Meet Jack: Former Mr.Buttermilk, Now the Youngest of the Christmas Litter

Jack is the youngest pup of the Christmas Litter. His name was originally Buttermilk, however, it was recently changed to Jack. His parents are Sir Richard and Capri and he is the last born on the day after Christmas. Since he is very young, he is still in the process of learning to respond to his name.


 Meet Benny: the Jets a.k.a. Jenny, A Content and Typical Puppy Who Expects to Become a Great Service Dog Through Thorough Training

Jenny is another puppy from the Christmas litter. Her parents are Sir Richard and Capri. She eats a cup and a half of puppy food three times a day. Jenny as well as the rest of the puppies from her litter have only recently started to go out for training but she already shows good progress with leash training and recall. Like most puppies, Jenny currently struggles with focus though that is predicted to improve. Jenny was originally named Benny but had her name changed so as to avoid confusion with another dog on the estate. She looks a lot like Waverly and now lives with her brother Wallace. Food, playing with siblings, and receiving attention are just a few things that make Jenny happy.


Meet Jordy: The ​Pup of the Tribbles Litter with the White “Sock.”

Jordy is a male dog in the Tribbles litter. He and his best friend/sister Naomi look very alike, and one way to tell them apart is the white “sock” on Geordie’s right paw. He is fast-paced but still needs to work on his confidence in public.


Meet Naomi: The Extrovert in the Tribbles Litter 

Naomi is one of the female dogs from the Tribbles litter. She was born in March and is the twin sister of Geordie. She is very outgoing and likes to snuggle to get people’s attention; however, she is a little bit nervous around big dogs. She is fast-paced and is very good at one step and backing up. She still needs to work on down stays and unloading cars.



Meet Nessie: a Christmas Wonder from Florida with Heart-shaped Kissmark on her Forehead 

Nessie is currently doing pace, movement, and focus training. Nessie eats two times a day with two or two and a half cups each. She and her sister Callie came from Florida to Massachusetts between November to December when there was snow and had to adjust to the change in weather. Nessie has a kiss mark on her forehead in the shape of a heart. She recently had her first heat period.


Meet Riker: an Opinionated and Unique Pisces that Firstly Jumped Over Fence and Loves to Play and Cuddle


Riker was born on March 3rd, pup of Bianca and Sir Richard’s Tribbles litter. Riker has been said to look a lot like his father but reminds trainers of his mother Bianca because of his love for cuddling. Riker eats a cup and a half of puppy food three times a day. Riker is a playful Dane and was one of the first puppies to climb over the kitchen fence at the SDP estate. In training, Riker does well with recall but could stand to improve on his downs and confidence.


Meet Sandy: The High Energy, Affectionate Companion

As a member of Angel’s litter, Sandy is an energetic and active dog. Sandy  loves to leap and bounce around, and her enthusiastic personality gives her a great pace. While the high energy can be distracting, especially when it comes to eating, she gets along very well with people because she’s a big kisser and loves attention. Though she struggles with other dogs, especially female dogs, Sandy makes a great companion for any person looking for a loyal and affectionate dog.


Meet Sister: the Last and Most “Unremarkable” Puppy of the Christmas Litter in 2021, A Big Jumper and Food-Motivator


Sister’s parents are Capri and Sir Richard.  She eats two cups of puppy food twice a day. Her strength is recall training, but she likes to bark when waiting for food. Sister is very different from her siblings because she has no external signature characteristics. But she is a little bit of a jumper. Like her sister Bessie, they are both cookie sneakers. A major motivator of her jumping habit is food. The Christmas litter puppies have not been split due to a shortage of space, like her sister Sherry is sharing a kennel with her brother Davis. Sister and Davis have been together the longest in the Christmas litter. Unlike her brother, who would be interested in the bigger dogs, Sister is a little afraid of them.


Meet Spock: The Most Recognizable of the Tribbles Litter 

Spock is a male pup from the Tribbles litter. He is good at recall but needs to work on his down stay. Spock is a little mouthy compared to others in the Tribbles litter. He will nip a little bit whenever he wants some attention. He is the most recognizable pup in his litter. 


 Meet Tasha: The Calm and Confident Girl with a Face Like the Brave Heart Makeup and Phantom of the Opera Mask


Tasha’s parents are Sir Richard and Bianca.  She eats a cup and a half of puppy food three times a day. Her training strengths include her downs and confidence. One of her weaknesses is walking on a leash. Her different fur colors make her face look like the Brave Heart makeup or the mask from Phantom of the Opera. She is a little bit of an instigator and likes to cause trouble among others. Tasha lives separately from her siblings, but she plays with her brothers a lot.



Meet Waverly: the Distinct, Young, and Outgoing Dane of the Christmas Litter 

Waverly, also called "Wavey," is the outgoing pup from the Christmas Litter. Her parents are Sir Richard and Capri. Since she is pretty young, Waverly has not yet started her actual training, but she has begun spoon-feeding training. The thick white stripe running down her face is one way to distinguish her from others.


Meet Wallace: The Shy, Striped Pup of the Christmas Litter


Wallace is a dog from the Christmas Litter.  His parents are Sir. Richard and Capri. In training, Wallace is mostly working on spoon-feeding training and is doing very well. He could use improvement with his leash walking as he is a little bit afraid. He is the most recognizable of the litter as he has the most white stripes on his body compared to other dogs in the Christmas litter.


Meet Wesley: The Biggest of the Tribbles Litter 

Wesley is a male dog in the Tribbles litter. He is good at his pace and one step, but he still needs to practice loading into cars, backing up, and not overeating food. He is cuddly, curious, and constantly hungry. A white tip on his nose is one of his defining traits. He likes to play with other pups in the Tribbles litter, especially Crusher (his roommate), Tasha, and Spock.

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