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The Board of Directors of Service Dog Project, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Lynn George, Director of Operations to President of the organization.

Please join us in congratulating Lynn on her promotion.

When Carlene saw her dog had gotten his collar caught in the twisted top of the chain link and was hanging there by the collar, she asked the FedEx driver for help. Mr. Driver helped lift the dog off the fence and put him on the ground. Thank you FedEx driver for giving me a hand!

As a general rule, dogs are not supposed to bite people. They certainly shouldn’t walk up to someone and bite. But there are times when the dog is absolutely correct. Sometimes they are just protecting their partners and they will bite the “enemies” to force them to stop hurting their partners. Or, they just simply don’t like strangers touching them.

The ancient “Yuppy Puppy” treat dispenser is the way Carlene and her colleagues teach many of the puppies to think. The tool is like the doggy version of a Vegas slot machine.

Regarding service dogs, Carlene and her team teach the dogs to just ignore other people entirely. Remember: not all disabilities are visible, and not all dogs are service dogs. You can sometimes pick out a real service dog. They will have perfect manners and will be within two feet of their owner.

This is the tenth year that the Service Dog Project has had cameras covering all their actions 24 hours a day. has donated seven cameras on our farm that operate 24/7. For some people from all over the United States, it is the tenth year of spending a weekend at Service Dog Project having fun, learning about the dogs, and doing chores. The big job this year was the painting of the pig. 

The SDP dogs are not perfect for every person, but when they do match, it can do wonders. Carlene received one letter from the father of a child recipient of one of the SDP dogs and he thanked how Carlene and her colleagues at Service Dog Project have given his son a gift that no therapist, doctor, or even priest could have done.

SDP’s historic stud dogs, Thumper and Bentley, were exactly 32 inches tall with a 16-inch leg. Carlene and her team also must teach them that if they are lifting the table as they stand up, then just don’t move, because a dog that is attached or tied to a moveable object could panic and run uncontrollably.

Thank you to Charlie, who said “never stop learning”!

You don’t need food or treats to train a dog — just sparkling conversational skills. Make sure to avoid great danes have people food or eat food at the table!

Donkeys aren’t really stubborn; all they need is a good explanation. More than service dogs are at Crazy Acres.

Three recipients' stories tell that SDP dogs very often give some measure of independence to not only the handicapped person but to the caregiver.

Carlene’s dad has plenty of experience as “farm wisdom”. “When buying a puppy, get the pup

who stretches his legs behind him,” her father said.

Still the story from Jack, but this time is his practicing the stair-climbing down. Last time is about up. Much of the work Jack does to help someone balance is to respond to a tug on his harness in any direction. I have to be ready for surprises. For example: for a partner with Parkinson’s.

The story of Jack, a seven month old dog practicing the stair-climbing lessons. Needless to notice that, Danes can have trouble locating and managing their four feet and stairs. 

When you live with a dog, the dog will tell you a lot of things if you pay attention, even reminding you that you’re about to have a seizure is certainly one of them. Almost every dog will let you know a lot of things .Not just seizures, or people at the front door, or a funny noise in the yard, or a funny smell. 

Experimentation — and tight jeans — led to our first service dog. 

New friend: Pigeons. 20 years old, all the pigeons are free and they are everywhere. 10 years ago and now, all the pigeons that used in commercials were banded, that is to say they all belong to someone

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but the DSP is the inspiration of ingenuity!

Question: how far from wolf society are our pet dogs? It’s hard to forget, no matter how  beautifully those dogs worked in the crowd, there is a wolf in their gene pool. 

6/12/22 Dogs and Cars Need to be Figured Out

Thoughts about the dogs and cars after there are two problems of dogs getting into and out of the cars. It’s about footing and getting out of balance.

All the great danes are black or white. However, at this time of year, black dogs all feel so hot even if they only stand in the sun for a very few minutes.

Two stories about falling-down show examples of dogs giving two people some independence. This gives Carlene insights about how they start to train dogs to deal with what is hardly ever a simple fall down or get up.

How to change the bad habit of pups which is darting off to the right? The solution is to use shopping carts suggested by Carlene.

Car rides become such an important part of a service dog’s life that we have to pay special attention to that travel phase. Carsickness can never be an issue, so even young pups have to do short rides. However, be careful! Sometime car rides can be terrifying for dogs

The story of the new recipient and his just received pup remind Carlene one important thing: wooden staircase. The wooden narrow staircases make a Great Dane feel top-heavy. As they need a slow introduction to this. Maybe sending them home with a family for months as puppy-raisers, that might make situations like stairs easier to deal with. However, Carlene and her team just don’t.

Carlene believes spoon-feeding should give pup a decent “wait,” as they should react to their name being called. Also remember to practice with two pups in a room, and they will be very enthusiastic when they are correct.

Should we put collars and leashes on pups or not? Carlene believes there is no absolute right or wrong but we do need this function. She thinks the chain training collar is a better tool for training instead of the standard leather collar.

Sorry, Carlene nearly forgot to write this week’s column. Why? Because there were eight pups in the house last night. All of them are very active since they can’t go out long enough. Olivia and Carlene took care of these pups carefully.

Go to the website and click “watch us”, there are seven cameras around the farm 24 hours a day and know about each individual dog. 

A day routine for the pups. Playtime in the mail-call area on camera and then came back into the condo. 

Lesson learned: Do not assume too much too quickly. Whizzing a pup and taking care of him in the late morning

The digestion problems of pups. 

The confusion from dogs to humans. Dogs are figuring out humans during their interaction with humans. 

How Carlene teaches pups the polite way to accept a treat from a stranger. 

Food worries in dogs' lives. Dogs feeding guides given by Carlene. 

How SDP selects breeder dogs. The plan of how Carlene gets the female and male dogs for breeding.

Feeding and training to produce more perfect service dogs. The training will be with a spoon and baby food because this way could avoid wet dog food slides through fingers and an iced tea spoon avoid dogs swallow it. 

The background of the project, what the mission is and introduce the famous grandpa George. Provide week to week, day to day life for the readers.

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