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Meet the Graduates

A few of our dogs who have graduated our program and are proudly serving those who need them. Meet the graduates along with their owners.


Ryan & Gretl

Congratulations to Veteran, Ryan and his partner Gretl. Ryan served for 10 years in the Army. Gretl was imported from Germany and born on 9/22/2019. Ryan's calm and soothing voice and Gretl's desire to cuddle after working makes them a perfect match. We are proud of you Gretl! Thank you Ryan for your service and are lookng forward to hearling about your many adventures with Gretl. Walk On!

Evie and Austin 2_edited.jpg

Veteran Austin & Evie

Congratulations to Veteran, Austin and his Emotional Support Dog, Evie. Austin served two tours in the Navy from 2011 - 2016 and again 2020-2021. Evie was imported from Czech and born on 5/6/2021. Evie's temperament makes her the perfect match for Austin. We are proud of you Evie! We thank him for his service and are looking forward to hearing about many adventures and their happy life together!

Evie and Austin 2_edited.jpg

Shauna & Kako

Congratulations to Shauna and her partner Cacophony (aka Kako). Kako is a Sizzler born on 7/28/2020. Parents are Tigger and Sizzle. Big sister, Kringle will be meeting Kako and showing him how to take care of Shauna. We are proud of you Kako! Walk on Shauna and Kako to many adventures and a happy life together!


Brenda & Alexis

Congratulations to Brenda and her partner Alexis. Alexis is from the Schitts Creek litter born on 5/15/2021 Parents are Tigger and Paula. We are proud of you Alexis! Walk on Brenda and Alexis to many adventures and a happy life together!​


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