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 If you would like to inquire about a service dog please read the Inquiries section on this site.


We encourage you to take the time to become familiar with Service Dog Project.  


Thanks to explore.org we have seven live cameras on the property.  They are placed in the house, the kennels, outdoor areas, donkey areas, etc. http://explore.org/…/play…/great-danes-indoor-room-puppy-cam

        We have a monthly fundraiser which is our lifeblood.  "Chicken Bricks"  ENABLE US TO DONATE THE DOGS.   https://www.servicedogproject.org/chicken-bricks.  


        On the house camera, the main Service Dog Project camera, Monday through Saturday at 5:00 p.m. watch Mail Call as owner Carlene White and staff open correspondence, donations, gift packages, etc., followed by a question and answer session.

The Doggie Daily is a daily blog written by Carlene White about the every day happenings at Crazy Acres (SDP).     

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DOG FEST 2021 - SEPTEMBER 18 &19, 2021

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Service Dog Project Wish List

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When buying for SDP:

If you are buying from Amazon to send a gift to the Service Dog Project please use the "Smile" link immediately below. This link will earn one-half percent (1/2%) of your purchase as a contribution to SDP.

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When buying for yourself:

If you are buying from Amazon to send to yourself or to anyone OTHER THAN the Service Dog Project, please use the link immediately below. This link will earn 4%-10% of your purchase as a contribution to SDP based on total monthly volume.*  This credit WILL NOT be earned if the purchase is being sent to SDP.

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 *Note:  The shopping session you start from the above link is the SDP Affiliate Program Session.  The purchase of any item/s must be completed within 24 hours of putting it in your shopping cart or else the credit to SDP will expire.  If it has been more than 24 hours since you put an item in your cart or saved it to a wish list, you must re-search and re-submit it to the shopping cart in order for SDP to receive the credit.


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SDP’s main source of income is our ongoing Chicken Brick fundraiser.  Donations are made in $10 increments online by selecting a virtual “brick” on the Memsaic board, accessed via our website or the Doggie Daily blog.  'Shatting' occurs the first Sunday of every month.


As easy as it is to contribute online, the drawing requires group participation; it is a job for all ages, held during our Sunday open house.  A huge board with numbered squares is set up and a couple of live chickens are let out to 'select' the winning number.  The chance to win a life-long membership in The Shat Upon Society of Ipswich is desirable enough that this crazy fundraiser reliably accounts for about 75% of SDP's payroll.  So, if you are able, please join us in helping to sell out the chicken board!

Thank you.


Cloud's Informational Documents  Documentation of all things (history) SDP.  Excellent info!