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What are chicken bricks?

Numbered bricks posted on a virtual wall is a donation of  $10 each.  Bricks can be donated via Paypal or by sending a check payable to Service Dog Project, 37 Boxford Road, Ipswich, MA 01938. Please include a note or notate the number of Chicken Bricks you would like on your check.

On the first Sunday of the month, numbers are printed on stickers and randomly placed on a vinyl sheet/board that has been sectioned into squares.  One or two chickens are released onto the board.  Once a chicken "shats" the owner of the number that is shat upon, gains membership into The Shat Upon Society of Ipswich.

NEW!  Should the board sell out before the shatting begins, a new board will be available called GONE TO THE DOGS!  Colorful balls with numbers on them will be dropped in the room.  We will send in one dog ~ the first ball the dog chooses, that number is the winner!  

What do you win?  Bragging rights and YOU get to pick the dog next month to play the game

The brick donation is a tax deductible donation.  All donations go to the care and well being of the dogs.

What does buying a brick mean?

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