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Service Dog Project

"Our main mission is to breed, raise, train, and donate certified service dogs to people who experience difficulty with their balance or mobility"

 - Service Dog Project


Get to Know Us

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Service Dog Project Inc. is the culmination of Founder Carlene White’s 30+ years of experience with animal training and a lifelong dream to assist the disabled population through the aide of service dogs. Service Dog Project has trained and donated over 200 certified Great Dane service dogs to individuals who have difficulty with their balance and mobility. ​ Our Great Danes are bred, born, raised, and trained on SDP's farm and for the first month are watched 24/7 by staff and/or volunteers. Once the dogs are fully trained (usually a year or older) they are paired with a recipient and are then trained to meet the recipient's exact needs. As balance dogs they are taught to be steady in harness and match their gait to the handler’s speed. The dogs also learn to halt and brace in case the handler should fall and require assistance to stand.

Doggie Updates

Its a Wrap

Join Lynn as she gives you highlights of the week at SDP

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Meet the Dog

Join Lynn and other SDP trainers as they give you exclusive one-on-ones with the dogs, and updates on what is happening on the farm

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Latest News

The Board of Directors of Service Dog Project, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Lynn George, Director of Operations to President of the organization.

Please join us in congratulating Lynn on her promotion.

10/19/22 Thank You, FedEx Driver!

When Carlene saw her dog had gotten his collar caught in the twisted top of the chain link and was hanging there by the collar, she asked the FedEx driver for help. Mr. Driver helped lift the dog off the fence and put him on the ground. Thank you FedEx driver for giving me a hand!

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Help those with balance and mobility issues feel free

Great Dane Service Dog
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